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China Becomes World's No.2 Diamond Processing Base
The Chinese diamond industry with short history has been developing at an amazing speed, which
has now made China become the world's No.2 processing base of diamond incision and burnishing,
with annual export of over 3 million carat of diamonds and export value of nearly 1 billion US

According to statistics from China Jewelry & Gems Association, the Chinese diamond industry has
obtained rapid progress in technology and the demand in diamond consumption market is just on the
rise. Now China has not only become a major country of diamond processing, but also the biggest
diamond consumption country in Asia, No.5 in the world. Last year, the sales of diamond jewelry in
Mainland China reached RMB 19.6 billion. Up to now, there are over 80 enterprises involved in the
diamond processing and trading business, with relevant employees of over 25 thousand.

  FROM:  Jualong TIME:  2006-8-15
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