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Rado V10K - The World's Hardest Watch
The creation of 'the hardest watch on earth', has been the mission of the Swiss watch manufacturer Rado since its launch of the world's first scratchproof watch over 40 years ago. The objective was to produce a watch as hard but as elegant as a genuine diamond - the hardest known material. This has been fulfilled by the Rado V10K, the world's first watch made of high-tech diamond.
The creation of a watch with the hardness degree of 10,000 Vickers represents a technological quantum leap. With the new V10K, Rado has now pushed forward the absolute limits of 'scratchproofness'. The lateral elements of the rectangular case and the pure, elegant connecting pieces between sapphire crystal and caoutchouc (rubber) strap are protected against scratching with the diamond hardness of 10,000 Vickers.
Case back and strap clasp are in skin-friendly titanium. As with the Rado 'eSenza', the crown has also been omitted from the V10K, for reasons of design aesthetics. The time can be easily adjusted on the case back by means of the magnetic contact element that is integrated into the strap.
Given a clear, striking form by Rado designers and protected by several patents as a worldwide innovation, the world's hardest watch is available in one size and with variously colored caoutchouc (rubber) straps.
The abbreviation 'V10K' stands for Vickers 10,000. Vickers is a measure of hardness that is used particularly in material technology. 10,000 Vickers is the ultimate value that, so far, only diamonds attain, as only diamonds can scratch all other materials. This top value, also reached by the upper surface of the V10K, means that diamond is the only material that can scratch the upper surface of the V10K.

  FROM:  Jualong TIME:  2006-8-15
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